Fact: The world does not need another book on starting a business. Fact: The world does need The Knack. One is tempted to say 'the only book you'll need on starting a business.’ Brilliant! Genius! Choose your superlative—it'll fit.
—Tom Peters

As an entrepreneur you either get street-smart or you get eaten for lunch. The Knack is the 'tell it like it really is' success manual for anyone with entrepreneurial dreams.
—John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing

Wise and wisecracking... exactly the kind of advice up-and-coming entrepreneurs need.
—Chip Conley, Founder and CEO, Joie de Vivre Hospitality

Brodsky and Burlingham offer an excellent handbook for entrepreneurs, stressing the thinking necessary to deal with many different situations and to identify and capture opportunities as they arise. Brodsky is an entrepreneur and mentor for numerous other entrepreneurs, and the authors use the experiences of one small business as an example of the challenges and growing pains common to all new ventures and what the owners learned along the way to their success. Excellent attention to detail is provided, including the basics of accounting, establishing a goal, determining the viability of a business, and the importance of gross profit. Each chapter, which concludes with important summary points, covers a critical step in a start-up journey including the right stuff, handling inevitable mistakes; why start-ups fail; finding investors; how to lose customers; and what it takes to be the boss. This road map for success should be required reading for those planning a new venture, and will appeal to a wide range of library patrons. Excellent book.
—Mary Whaley, Booklist Book Reviews, ALA